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Lee Moolman

Lee Moolman

Married on Jul 27, 2014

Engagement is the first step to " the wedding"
So let's back track and start there!
Driving on the road on a very hot summers day for a weekend of adventure and fun camera gear and costumes !!
We went out ready for our adventure , crossed swing bridges and climbed rocks and took photos of absolutely everything.
Until I came across a lock on the swing bridge that says...." Will you marry me Roxy? Love Keith"
To much disappointment as this is clearly not me I cross the bridge pretending not to sulk and stand facing a huuuuge climb aka a mountain !!!
So here my now husband (eeek :))pushes me to climb faster as we reach " our spot"
To much amazement he stood Infront of me and asked me to marry him!!!
I came up with a tanzanite ring and came down with a super sparkly diamond ring !
We always said we don't want to be engaged for more than 6 months so we got married. This year July!!
Winter ..... Icy cold air that morning of the wedding , windy, and raining .... My heart was pounding but I didn't feel the cold
The wind went calm, the rain stayed away
The excitement was overwhelming... The joy of this union with my best friend and God as our center... Was amazing
The day was perfect !


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