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Chantell Van Wyk (Meynell)

Chantell Van Wyk

Married on Jul 12, 2014 in Gauteng

Sugar and spice and all things nice! With the help of my amazing girls we planned Chris and my wedding on a low low budget within 5 weeks! With almost no stress, except for the odd curveball we got thrown, but we just learnt to juggle! We had a DIY breakfast winter wedding on the 12 July 2014 at a coffee shop in boxburg, we handled everything from the table runners to painting bottles and wrapping tins, beading pearl serviette rings, putting the flowers together and setting up the venue the day before.

Chris and I met 7 years ago we were engaged for 4 years, decided to tie the knot when we found out my family was finally going to be coming up to Jhb, we decided to quickly pull everything together, we created a Pinterest board and started pinning, finally we had to make a second Pinterest board for the wedding I could actually afford... With the winter wedding I was petrified of the cold weather, so we found a nice warm intimate venue, with a decent fire place! I printed out my own wedding invites with the help of, I was totally in love with the Tiffany blue and hot pink colors and decided to just go with it, and it worked out perfectly, after reading an article on Pinterest oh how to paint glass bottles and use them as vases, we started our mission of stalking all our family and colleagues to start drinking wine and snapple... My super star maid of honor had her class on grade 1's to bring in tins, two weeks before the wedding we made all our bottles and serviette rings, covered the tins in burlap and ribbon, made our own wedding wands and table runners, my mom worked a full day on the flowers, which I wanted to keep as simplistic, the flowers turned out even better that I could ever have dreamed up, i had my dress made it actually work out allot better to have a dress made, the cost of renting some wedding dresses was more than what I ended up paying for my entire wedding! For my wedding day I wanted to give my friends and family more than just a wedding to go to I wanted to share with them not only the happiest day for Chris and I, but also show them who I am, I wore brown boots, which is just typical me, I love ares and crafts, thus the DIY wedding, I am very warm and bubbly we had cake for breakfast, and cake for dessert, and fudge for I between. The breakfast menu turned out great! I must say if I had to do it all again I would! I had so much fun planning and being very hands on in my wedding.


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