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Arena Ramsay (Burger)

Arena Ramsay

Married on Jul 19, 2014

About 11 years ago we met through a mutual friend but never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine our paths would meet up again. For years we hadn't had any contact with each other. We both came out of a long term relationship. I browsed an online dating site and noticed Kevin's profile. I decided to send him a message via facebook on he 21st of June 2012. He hadn't noticed my message until the 5th of July 2012. I was very skeptical to meet him but on advise from family and friends we started chatting. We met up for drinks at the Dros on the 6th of July 2012. It was as if we were soul mates and just meant to meet again. It was love at first sight. On our 1 year anniversary we went for a picnic at Kiewits Kroon and with tears in his eyes he asked me to marry him. I immediately also started to cry but answered yes with a hugs smile. We are like two peas in a pod. We talk to one another like old friends and share our joys and fears with each other. We cherish and have the utmost respect for one another.

On Saturday, 19 July 2014 I got married to my best friend. When I walked down the isle in the chapel I just couldn't believe today was the day I make an oath in front of God and will be spending the rest of my life with Kevin. When our eyes connected in the chapel all my fears and anxiety disappeared. I smiled at him and he at me and when he took my hand he whispered to me "you look beautiful my bride", those words almost brought me to tears.

Our wedding day was very special to us and it was just as I had imagined it to have been the entire time while planing the wedding. A few special wedding memories that we will not forget is when I got tongue tied saying my vows, Kevin giving me his wrong hand to put his wedding bad on and it wouldn't fit, my petticoat falling off during our first dance. But the most memorable moment was when the pastor said I now pronounce you Mister and Misses Ramsay.


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