Celeste Steyn (Hayton)

Married on May 31, 2014 in Gauteng

I was lucky enough to marry my soul mate TWICE in ONE year! I am doubly blessed, what more could any girl ask for?!

We originally planned to get married on the 27th September, however, due to Biblical reasons and the need to start our life together, we could not contain our excitement and decided to officially get married on the 31st of May, but still have our reception on the 27th of September.

The May wedding was an intimate, special and warm affair with only close friends and family. WOW, what a surprise awaited for me with the September wedding!

The day was already special as my now husband, was the one that helped me getting dressed. I could tell him how sexy he looks before leaving the room to meet the guests. I was so nervous whilst walking down the isle and was searching for my husband. (Since I love the Navy uniform , my husband surprised me and had a similar one custom made. To surprise me, he got dressed AFTER he left me in the room … ) Halfway down the isle, I realised it was him standing in the uniform! I was ecstatic and almost threw my bouquet in the air, I remember saying "oe my liefie", when I got to the altar, Pastor Stuart just laughed and said “never has he heard a bride walking down the aisle saying , oe my liefie". This was definitely the highlight of my day, a moment I will never ever forget.

On both special days, my beautiful son walked me down the aisle, this I will treasure forever.

Our wedding was a fun filled day for friends, family and children. The music was phenomenal and the entire day was just unforgettable. I knew on both occasions, as certain as I do now, my husband is my forever and always! Just looking into his blue eyes and gorgeous smile, where the dimples just want to pop,… my heart still skips a few beats. I know that no matter what the future holds, with him by my side, everything will be okay.

Both of the weddings were complete opposites, but I would not change anything, it was exactly the way we wanted it to be … and so much more.

A very special thanks to the following people for helping us make this day unforgettable:
Cream Cheese Professional Discos for providing awesome music and lighting and keeping the party going (even the kids enjoyed it and danced their little hearts out)
Gerhard & Lee du Toit for the MOST amazing photos, there's so much love in your work and it shows on the photos
Yolandie for my make-up, you made me look gorgeous
Udelene from Mosaic Hair & Body professionals - you did wonders with my hair on both occasions and I loved it
Jodine for painting my nails the perfect pink that I wanted
Josh from Blue Crane who designed our wedding bands, you exceeded our expectations
Annemarie from Unique brides, my dress was everything and more that I wanted and my husbands suit was the BEST ever
Makiti for the support and amazing service


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