Algeatha Carolus

Married on Apr 1, 2014 in Western Cape

Our wedding was held on Tuesday 1 April 2014. You may ask yourself why a ordinary Tuesday? Well, while Angelo and I were dating, our schedules only allowed us to see each other on a Tuesday, which meant that our first date, our first kiss and the day I asked him to be my boyfriend, all took place on Tuesdays. And the 1st represented our anniversary.

The theme of our wedding was "A Fairy-tale". And that is because everything about our relationship (from magical kisses and beautiful pixie fairy daughters) has been a absolute fairy-tale dream come.

This was a day to celebrate the love my husband and I have for each other. Therefore everything about the day had to represent the "real" us. We decided to hand make most of our items for the weddings, to really add a personal touch to the day. We made everything from magic ball invitations, wedding programmes, to the centre pieces and personalised candles that was placed on the tables.

Our wedding day started off at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church where we had a beautiful, blessed mass. Canapés were served to guests at Blue Horizon Estate while my husband and I slipped away for some alone time and had our intimate, romantic moments captured by Charl Smith.

It rained on the day but the showers that poured down upon us were pure blessings. Besides the sound of light rain sets the perfect mood...

Our evening was shared with loving, supportive family and friends who celebrated our day with love, magic and laughter.

Our wedding day was the most beautiful day in my life and the fact the I got to marry the man of dreams proves that fairy-tales really do come true!


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Blue Horizon Estate

Blue Horizon Estate

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