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Taetim Smith (de Villiers)

Taetim Smith

Married on Mar 23, 2014

A hot and humid day in Durban, our wedding was on Sunday the 23rd of March. The build up to a Jewish wedding is incredible. The bride and groom do not see each other for 7 days. So seeing your husband for the first time at the Bedeken (unveiling of the bride) is indescribable. Under the Chuppah (the alter) it is heavenly, it’s an experience that binds you together. Our ceremony was at the majestic Great Synagogue in Silverton Road and is close to both our hearts. Our ceremony was held at the brand new Unhlanga Jewish Centre in Izinga. Truly a venue that ticks each and every box when deciding where to celebrate your special day, overlooking the rolling hills of Izinga, the whiskey, wine and beer flowed, the dance floor was full of love, life and laughter, and it was truly a celebration of joy, something that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. A cocktail themed evening, food was constant, no set seating as cocktail tables and bales of hay spread across the venue ensured everyone mingled and the party was exactly that, a party.


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