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Suzette Röhm (Snyman)

Suzette Röhm

Married on Mar 21, 2014

As I woke early morning of the 21st of March 2014 I realised : THIS IS IT! I am getting married to my best friend and soul mate!
As we got ready for the celebration to come, I could not contain my excitement. After 4 years of dating we got engaged, the planning for the wedding started immediately - looking at venues, appointments with photographers, looking at wedding dresses, trails for hair and makeup - All came down to this day, and what a success it was.
On our way to the church the driver of our wedding car asked if I was nervous? Nervous was just one of the feelings I had, I was nervous, excited, sad and happy.
As I walked down the aisle with my father on my side - I only had eyes for my husband to be standing at the end of the isle looking handsome as ever in his black tuxedo, bright eyes, smiling from ear to ear, I realised that I can’t wait to spend the rest of my days with this man, raising our children together, growing old with him.
After the ceremony we departed to the reception, we held each other’s hands and could not believe that half of the day has gone by and that the best is yet to come.
The reception was breath taking. It perfect in every way - it was as if the picture in my head had come alive.
We spent the night dancing, laughing, eating and chatting to family and friends.
We were the last to leave the reception and we left with hearts full of love, happiness and excitement. We are embarking on a new adventure and whatever life throws at us we knew we will face it together.


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