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Stephnie Smit (Stephnie Botha)

Stephnie Smit

Married on Mar 8, 2014

It was such a lovely day as I woke up with butterflies im my stomache..while my Husband was busy fishing with his best man. the day before was hard for me to not sleep next to my husband, becouse we do everything together. as i woke up with the butterflies in my stomache, it still wasnt a reality that i was getting married. so me and my girls went to our fitting room by the venue drinking champaine and eating sandwithces haha i was too lazy to get dressed.. so my make up artist came to fix my face and the whole day i heard nothing from my one and only.. so i started to panic and my maid of honour told me to "chill" he will wait for you . at first I wasnt sure of that but as soon as it was time to get in the car I knew he's waiting for me. as I walked inside the chapel with my Dad, i saw him, and only him and no one else. so as we stood infront of the priest... we were getting sweatty , AND MY HUSBAND FAINTED... TWISE.. the second time he fainted my aunt gave him a Crunchie to eat hahaha... sooo funny when everyone started laughing becouse I was just standing there as he sits and eat his old Chrunchie.. the rest of the night went sooo the end we all had Chinese Laterns which we lid up and released into the sky.Best day of my life with friends and family and most of all , my perants and aunt that made my dream come true!


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