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Nanine Lessing (Struwig)

Nanine Lessing

Married on Mar 14, 2014 in Gauteng

On the 14th of March I woke up with butterflies in my stomach, knowing that today I will marry the a man loves me more than anything in the world. Excitement and anticipation filled the hearts of everyone that was around us, we've waited so long to become Mr. and Mrs. Lessing. We didn't see each other before the time, he also hasn't seen my dress. I couldn't wait to see his face. As I arrived at the wedding my father waited for me, I curled my arm around his and saw he had tears in his eyes. We walked down the aisle and when I saw my husbands face as he looked at me as if I was the only thing that existed in that moment, I was overwhelmed and calmed at the same time. It was the best moment of my life. He took my hand and i gave him a kiss on the cheek leaving a lipstick print. We made our vows, committing to love one another and serve one another, following the example that Christ gives us. With a joyess celebration of feasting and dancing we finished off the night. I am grateful to have such a wonderful supportive husband and to have such beautiful people celebrate our marriage with us.


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