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Nadine Oelsen (Erasmus)

Nadine Oelsen

Married on Mar 1, 2014 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

When love comes together
Every girl has a dream of their perfect wedding day, I was most fortunate to go beyond my wedding dream.
I knew I was going to marry this handsome guy when he cooked better than I could. This was not a typical boy meets girl. I was a tomboy and let's just say he took more time to get ready than I did. All that mattered was that I could be myself and he made me feel like the most beautiful lady in the world!
He popped the question and I of course said HELL YEAH!! He was involved, just as much as I was, for my dream wedding. This handsome guy made me so proud, he surprised me beyond my tomboy imagination as the big wedding day came closer and the pressure became more we just fall more in love and this made me realize that it was the best decision I have ever made!
We had the awesome venue, photographer, decor and bridal party and MOST supportive parents.
Let’s do this :)!!!

I was woken up at 7am by my maid of honor, sister jumping on my bed telling me the big day has arrived. My bridal party and I had breakfast in our robes at the spa; I had no stress as to what lied ahead of this big day.
The hairdresser and makeup artist arrive just on time and soon after the photographer.... now things were getting real!
We had 5hours to get ready and before I knew it everything was done and I was standing in my wedding dress. My heart started beating, my hands sweating and the champagne started to flow.
So much was going through my mind but not for one moment did I doubt the person who I was going to marry. I was walking to the chapel with my bridal party behind me, and just before I the chapel I saw this muscular figure with tears in his eyes, my dad and he said to me " you look beautiful my child" he kissed me on the cheek and took my hand as he lead me towards the chapel.
The next thing I knew I said I DO, thereafter it was greetings, photographs and speeches. The food was amazing, the company was brilliant and I could not stop smiling.
I was happy to see that everyone enjoyed themselves. All our hard work paid off. But most importantly I am Mrs. Oelsen :) I will never forget this day and looking forward to our journey ahead! Love of my life Chris Oelsen :)
When Love Comes Together.


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