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Luanne Pereira - Pelser

Luanne Pereira - Pelser

Married on Mar 22, 2014

Our story written by my hubby - Willem Pelser:

We met middle 2008. Mutual friends invited us to a braai. I was single at the time and Luanne had a horrible boyfriend. Our mutual friends were desperate for her to dump him and to meet someone "nice". I guess that was me...

We did not click right from the start. She was nice and pretty enough, but at that stage I was not "looking". She thought I talked too much. About a week later we joined our friends for a day out with the quad bikes. That day I saw that Luanne did not mind getting down and dirty! That attracted me a bit more towards her.

Another month later she received word via our friends that I liked her. By that time she had dumped her loser boyfriend. Our friends immediately organized an evening out at a club where we danced the night away and I serenaded her on the karaoke machine.
That evening we clicked. I followed her home to make sure she was okay. Our friends were a bit worried about this move being concerned that we were "moving too fast".

A week later I invited her for a weekend at my place. We just took it from there. From then on we were comfortable with each other. For an example; our first trip to a restaurant was to the Spur where we both ordered Buffalo Wings. A big no-no in the etiquette of dating. It did not bother us though.

By the end of 2009 we moved in together and we got engaged in April 2011.That in itself is n whole other story...

We were visiting family on their farm in rural Eastern Cape. Previously, unknown to Luanne, I had an engagement ring made and I carried it with me all the way to the farm. One morning I convinced her that we should walk up all the way to the highest hill on the farm. As I had been there previously I told her that there was a spectacular view from above.

So we started the walk, the ring in my pocket, with me every now- and- again checking that is was still there. Eventually we reached the top and I walked off to one side, secretly hanging the ring on the barbed wire, without her seeing, of course. I then called her to come towards me, telling her there was a weird bug I wanted her to see. She was in no mood to look at a bug, but I convinced her. She bent down, saw the ring and to her utter surprise I asked her if we could get married some day. Luckily she said yes. My uncle was very pleased that it all happened on his farm and called for a grand dinner the following evening to celebrate.

In July 2012 we decided to get married and the planning started. The big day took place on March 22 2014. All went very well and without a hitch. Thus a relationship of 5- and- a- half years finally came to the point of promised commitment, 'till death do us part...


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