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Kirsty Strydom (Jenkins)

Kirsty Strydom

Married on Mar 29, 2014

Marc and I have had a looooooong history together, I have known his for almost my whole life and I have been besotted with him since I was about 13 years old. I always told everyone I would marry Marc, BUT not many people believed me.. Well 13 years later I got to marry my first and only love of my life!! I am extremely blessed and we truely were a match made in Heaven!! A marriage truely blessed by God.

Words cannot even BEGIN to describe how perfect our wedding day was!! Absolutely everything went accordingly and the entire day was beyond our greatest expectations! Laughter, tears and love!! Not many dry eyes during the ceremony!! What a glorious day- I got to confess my love to the love of my life in front of God and all our family and friends!!

Our wedding was 100% DIY and we were truly blessed to have had so many amazing people help us leading up to the big day, the day before and on the day. All the blood, sweat and tears paid off as we entered into out gorgeous reception!! We were in awe!!

We were so blessed to have all the important people in our lives share in our joy and love!! Memories we will cherish forever and talk about for years to come!! Our wedding day was the perfect way to celebrate the start of an amazing journey and life time of happiness together.


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