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Julia Anne Lipjes (Creamer)

Julia Anne Lipjes

Married on Mar 14, 2014

Almost 5 years ago I received a message from Gavin (on Facebook) who had captured my heart at the age of 14yrs, it was young love and fleeting but the connection had always been there. Attached to his message was a photo I had given him of me; his father found it in a Wilbur Smith book by chance, a book Gavin had been reading all that time ago, 17 years prior. (This photo brought us together again)

Our wedding venue was Three Rivers Lodge in Vereeniging.
Well it was perfect, exactly what we were looking for. Not only was it quaint, personal and elegant but it felt like you had stepped into a Villa somewhere in Tuscany. With the venue being 5 minutes away from where we had met 22 years earlier it seemed quite fitting.


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