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Juanita Andrews de Koker

Juanita Andrews de Koker

Married on Mar 22, 2014

On 22 March 2014, the prayer of a 10 year old girl was answered. We met each other when I was 10 and Luan 11. I remember praying and asking God can I please marry that boy with the very blue eyes!!! AND I DID!!!!

Each bride has their perfect wedding, and so did I! It was everything we wanted! After an initial guest list of 218 people, we sat down and realized that the people coming to our wedding has to be the people that speaks to us daily and see us weekly. They are the ones who knows us the best, and with a very strange way of choosing our guests, we ended up with only 43 guests (this included the photographers, videographers, DJ and wedding planner). It was important to us to sit around the same table as our guest, and with the help of Sukie (Mellow Oaks) we did!

Forest in the city was the theme chosen and it really looked like a forest. I felt like a Pixie Queen marring the King of my heart! A lot of planning went into every detail of the forest wedding, but truth be told, I didn't notice a thing.... I couldn't stop looking and kissing my gorgeous groom with the incredibly blue eyes!!!


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