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Joanene Müller (Strauss)

Joanene Müller

Married on Mar 29, 2014

29th March the day me and my Fiance have been waiting for 9 years. This was our time to shine. The day we will cherish for the rest of our lives. As I get ready I write Kirch a note, "I will be seeing you in church and I can't wait to love you all my life". Here I stand with my Father whom I love and respect looking somewhat nervous as if he would run away with me. Then, the music starts, it's now or never, I search for Kirch in the crowd , and then, there he is my husband to heart stops and it all becomes reality. From this day until our last I will love you undoubtedly! Friends and family gather and we have the greatest affair, something Visa cant buy! The night continues with laughter and love until we are the last remaining souls of the night. Now.... the remainder of our life together in love and respect!


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