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Janice Zara Fakier (Weggelaar)

Janice Zara Fakier

Married on Mar 9, 2014

After 6 years of dating, my fairytale started! It was the 9th March 2014; I couldn't sleep all night… RiiiNnGGGGGG, my alarm clock went off at 7am - got up with butterflies in my tummy and the biggest smile imprinted on my face; jumped into the shower while my lovely bridesmaids arrived one by one to my maid of honours house.

At around 9am - My parents phoned me via Skype from overseas, my mother trying to keep her tears in because she couldn't be with me on this day; wished me all the happiness in the world, I promised her and my dad that they would experience my entire day with me and will be the first to see me in my wedding dress! (Thank goodness for Skype and Whatsapp)

After that rather heart - breaking phone call I, Janice Weggelaar (the bride) was off with my bridesmaids to get our Sari's draped for the Nikah. The Nikah took place at the Sulaimani Masjid (Mosque) in Goodwood at 11am.

As we got to the Mosque a few minutes late, all the girls tip-toed upstairs. The guys had already entered the mosque through the big wooden doors.. At this point in time I didn't even get a sneak peak of my husband to be yet. Sheikh Dilawar commenced the ceremony.. It was super exciting listening to the Sheikh from up above.

I received a dowry from my husband that is mine to keep forever. At the end of the beautiful ceremony Sheikh Dilawar announced that we were now husband and wife! 5 witnesses signed the marriage certificate and my signature was the last to be put on the certificate. We were now finally married!

Tea & Cake was served; then the girls went their way to get dressed and the guys went their way to get dressed. At 3pm, I told to guys to meet us at a location in Durbanville called Pampoenkraal for photos however little did they know that we would arrived 2 1/2 hrs late.. oops it happens.. luckily I wash't stressed only a pity the Cape Doctor decided to be proactive on our wedding day!

At 6:00pm we were off to the Reception venue that was on the other side of Cape Town; It was held at Tuscany in Rylands. The guests were all already inside; We arrived and the doors opened for the flower girls and page boys who entered the hall with the groomsmen and my husband who entered last with his parents before they shut the doors. "John Legend - All of me" started playing as the staff of Tuscany slowly opened the doors and my twin brother Nick and I walked in - my husband looked at me and shed a tear of pure joy as I got closer.. (I have this on video; truly amazing), (Ismaeel told me afterwards that it was because I was so beautiful and he felt like it was the happiest dat of his life). Continuing with my story; My brother then handed me over to Ismaeel as we arrived at the centre of the hall under the arch with ivy entwined around it. Ismaeel & I kissed and we continued to walk to the stage together where we sat on a couch with our bridal team sitting at our side.

Our MC entertained our guests; we then had a few speeches and my brother decided to really make my tears roll down my cheeks because unfortunately my mother and father couldn't share this special day with us.

After supper and dessert it was time to say goodbye and the hadjji's walked me out of the hall while everyone said goodbye and drove me to our new little cottage where my husband was waiting to receive me.

The family all arrived and blessed our bedroom with a prayer before they left

We had a one day "Monday honeymoon" before it was time for work again.. ouch

I am truly blessed with such a wonderful husband and there is nothing better than waking up next to him EVERY single MORNING :)

" For ever and always till death do us part"

Lots of love xxx

Ps. Thank you to:
BlueCheri Photography for my amazing photos!
Miss Friday (Lindsey & Dorian) for my bridesmaids dresses and flower girl dresses
Domi from Carlton for my hairstyle and my bridesmaids hairstyles
Lindsey Boucher for my make-up

Couldn't have done it without you guys :)


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