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Cynthia Dorflling (Channon)

Cynthia Dorflling

Married on Mar 21, 2014

In the good old days, as a little girl, dreaming of a vintage car, feeling like a princess with a crown on your head !!!! Is exactly how my day unfolded, and sealing the most amazing encounter by saying I do the the BEST husband on this planet. Hubby and I did every little detail on the table ourselves with the exception of the florist bringing the flowers as centre pieces. Our big day unfolded as a life long dream come true for both of us. Not a day goes by without being treated as if I am a princess !!! The cornerstone of "happy ever after" are the following ingredients, open honest communication, trust, respect and of course the seal of LOVE. The highlight of the evening was our opening dance which was an afrikaans song "rooi roos" and when the words "gee haar `n roos" was sang, his son come up from behind and handed the rose to his dad behind my back, who gave it to me with a kiss. The next day we left from Durban on a boat cruize to Mozambique for our honeymoon and took our wedding attire on teh cruise and on a gala evening we dressed up. BOY OH BOY with the fun loving husband I have, he roped two fellow cruisers in to be our photography crew not realizing just how much cocktails they already consumed. We spent the entire evening posing for two intoxicated guys, who used the word cut a million times, ever wonder why. The next morning one recognised us and the other not!! Best time of my life !!!


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