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Carla Hefer (Ferreira)

Carla Hefer

Married on Mar 15, 2014

As a girl I never really thought much about my wedding day, until I met the man of my dreams! He is my companion, my best friend and the love of my life!!

6years later he popped the question and soon came Our Wedding Day, my happiest day yet!

We got married at Vivere Wedding Venue just outside of Pretoria. Two weeks before our wedding it started raining and it didn't stop! We thought we chose a time of the year when the chance of it raining was almost zero (according to googles' weather forecast, March 2013 only had 1 rainy day!!) The ceremony was open air and the dance floor was planned to be outside on the deck covered with only fairy lights, overlooking the dam.
The Friday before our wedding, it was still raining...

On our wedding day I woke up at sunrise. When I opened my eyes I welcomed the most beautiful day! Clear blue skies were looking back at me, no cloud in sight! This day is going to be amazing, and it was!

Ellie Gouldings' As long as I love you, played while my brother was walking me down the isle, my heart skipped a beat as I thought, this is it! The day I have been waiting for since I knew he is THE ONE!!

It was the most wonderful day ever and we enjoyed every second of it! It was great to see all our guests and to know they are sharing in our happiness. The food was delicious and the toasts so heartfelt. Then, something happened which none of us foresaw - the electricity went off, and on, and off, and on, and nothing! The generator failed to work and we sat in the dark and in silence. Luckily our family and friends won't let a little thing like electricity get in their way. All the candles were lit and the party kept going.

After a few hours the electricity came back on and we were able to do our first dance.
I will never forget our wedding day and looking at the photos brings back the fondest memories. It was everything I could have hoped for. No, it was more!!


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