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Candice Rensburg (Saul)

Candice Rensburg

Married on Mar 15, 2014 in Western Cape

My wedding day was a girls dream come true. I married my best friend in a vintage themed setting surrounded by gorgeous tall trees and summer flowers on the perfect summers afternoon in Constantia.

We wanted to bring a different twist to the vintage feel and opted for various genre. So with me (bride) on my father's arm, walking on the pebbled walkway to the tune of Cold Play's Fix You, it brought a tear to my husband to be's eye. When my dad handed me over to Glenn, i knew it felt right to be there next to him and no one else.

The Ceremony was in an open garden with a gentle breeze bringing enough relief to our guests, while also sitting under the large sunbrellas.

As the sunset weaved its last rays through the tall, lush, dense trees, it presented the romance for us for the photo shoot, yet the laughter is never too far behind. The rushing stream down below added that little bit of extra topping to the withering afternoon.

With a crazy photographer like Maryke (, who was willing to part the river for the best photo, it made it that much more joyful that she would capture our most candid and off-guarded funny moments too. The grass patch, the poolside, the river stream & inside the venue gave Maryke plenty to work with.

With burgundy, silver and white setting the tone for the venue, it created a warm & inviting feel. The waistcoats and cravats for the men were burgundy to match the bride's maids' burgundy dresses. It was a perfect match frankly, esp when they were not hired from the same place. I must say, the personalities and characters of the bridesmaids and the best men were a great match.

We were blessed to have our dearest friends (even as far as Bloemfontein) and family celebrate our Union with us. Our preparations to accommodate every individual (from old, to young, to chronic, to athletic) as best we could were indeed stressful as we opted to do the planning ourselves. Over the 9 months, it consumed us in many ways, but on the day, all our troubles were gone away.

The venue inside had a natural vintage feel. The tables were laced with silk cream tablecloths and burgundy trimmings. We had vintage looking candelabras on each table surrounded by cream and burgundy candles. Each candelabra had a matching bouquet in the middle.

The day was however a bitter-sweet wedding day because my husband’s mom passed-on a day before. The dance my husband was to have with his beloved mother was played as a tribute to her. Needless to say, there was not one dry eye in the place.

We would not change anything on that day, but if we could do it all again, we would have arranged it a week sooner so that my dearest mom-in-law could have witnessed her youngest son take his marriage vows. Our love and support to each other was what carried us through the day and I could not have asked to be any other, except to be Mrs Candice Rensburg.


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