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Anine Smith (Du Toit)

Anine Smith

Married on Mar 14, 2014

Ive known my husband since he was a little boy but officially met a few years after school. I was completely fascinated with his blue eyes and friendliness. I completely fell in love and just couldn't forget about him. Today we admire each other in so many ways, he is my daily inspiration and motivator, we are the air we breath and can laugh and laugh the day away.

We planned every part of our wedding ourselves. We wanted something different, something that will compliment who we are. We kind off played connect the dots with a touch of Vintage. We got married on the 14th of March 2014, this was my late grandfathers birthday as well as the day he married my grandmother, the date was very sentimental as we also got engaged on the same date a year earlier. Our Church was in Gouritsmond, and we got to take photos in front of the house my parents stayed in during one of their first holidays together and my father drove a Volla back then, so our wedding car was a maroon Volla that was in mint condition. Our venue, was Stoepsit, close to some old family farms. My aunt made our food, farm style with flair. We had old wooden tables with no tablecloths and most of the table decor, was made by me and my husband. Seeing that this was a Friday, we had a big brunch with all the family the next day.

We are so grateful for everyone who came from far, all our friends, this was an extremely special day to us, certainly one we wont forget.
I can only thank God for the gift He gave me...My Husband!


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