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Amy Brown (Francis)

Amy Brown

Married on Mar 21, 2014

Our wedding really was the best day of my life! We were surrounded by our closest friends and family and the weather was absolutely perfect! When people say make sure you drink your entire day in, they really mean it, and we really enjoyed every single second! We had so much fun, both with our friends and with each other!

Our theme was emerald green and grey and I wore a lace bodiced dress from Bride & Co. I have never been made to feel more beautiful than on my wedding day. The way my husband looked at me as I walked down the aisle is a look I will never forget and the love I felt for him was incredible!

If I could relive my wedding day, just to be able to do it all again because it was such an amazing day, I really would! I truly felt like a princess and I am so blessed to have married the man I did!


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