Justine Meyer (Buys)

Married on Feb 22, 2014

As every little girl plans their wedding,so did I. But what came of mine exceeded my dreams. The white draping from the roof, the live gold fish with roses on the tables, the most amazing ceremony in the middle of a forest setting. A perfect day is all you can call it. I was so overwhelmed by the emotion, family and friends around me. And to walk down the isle with my mom by my side was a bitter sweet moment, but knew my dad was there -watching over us on our special day. Knowing that my husband to be would be waiting at the end of the isle for me was a moment too big for anyone to grasp, but as soon as I saw him- my world just made sense. Wooden benches on either side of the red carpet, the trees towering over us with the rays of sunlight peering through. It was truly a setting out of a movie. My dress was perfect , veil and tiara. I was the princess of my world. My dream was coming true. Our reception was fun filled with jokes played on people, our mix up first dance and we even did the Harlem Shake. We wanted to spice it up- break away from tradition in a way. And we did- and perfect could not have described how the day turned out. Ironically my husbands brother caught the garter, and his girlfriend caught the bouquet (not planned), so guess who's next. The food melted away in your mouth, our red velvet white chocolate fondant cake was incredible. I did not have a care in the world, and all that mattered was the fact that on that day- we were blessed enough to be able to start our own journey as husband and wife. The happiness, love and fulfillment that we now have as a married couple has taken us by surprise, as we knew it would be different- but no one said it would give you true peace and contentment in our world. It has. That 22nd day of February was my Fairy-tale, and a new chapter has just begun.


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Allesverloren Function & Conference Venue

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