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Selina du Toit (Coetzee)

Selina du Toit

Married on Dec 23, 2014

Hi! We are Justin and Selina (yes, like Bieber and Gomez ... We are the originals! :D) we started dating back in 2008 after we met at a family braai.

It was a beautiful day on the 20 October 2013 when he asked me to be his wife. We went down to the beach front and had lunch at Vicky Christina's and he felt that it was all too busy for him to ask me to marry him. So after we arrived home and hung our coats he spun me around and I saw him on one knee with the ring and asked me if I could do this for the next 40 years, and if I would be his wife.

Our wedding took place on 23 December 2014, on our 6 year dating anniversary (so he’s got one date to remember and can’t forget hehe!) My jewelry I wore was my something old and something blue, it was actually a gift my husband gave to me for Valentine ’s Day when we first started dating. My perfume was also part of another gift he gave to me for Christmas one year.

Our wedding day was HUMID! On top of that, as I was getting ready there was thunder and lightning - we were getting married outside. I will never forget what my photographer said when I started getting nervous about the weather "That’s not thunder, that’s Justin's heart beating for you" now whenever I hear the thunder I think of that.

My favorite aspect of the wedding: That we did the key things DIY – it meant that much more to us a couple but was also nice for bonding with my bridesmaids. For example instead of having flowers, I had heart boards made that I spray painted for my bridesmaids to carry and now use in my house. Instead of candles we planted a bonsai which we display proudly as a living symbol of our love.

My husband is a gamer so as a little something for him (because the wedding is normally always about the bride) my maid of honour had little "achievement boards" made for our creative shoot. Its something my husband treasures and sits proudly in his study.

Our wedding wasn't traditional to a T, and thats ok because it our special day that we got to share with our loved ones.


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