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Minke Scott-Matthee

Minke Scott-Matthee

Married on Dec 6, 2014 in Garden Route

Like every young girl, I dreamed about my knight in shining armor, but never in life did I imagine that I would be so blessed with such an amazing man, that I now call my husband.

The build up to our wedding was a chapter of excitement and I couldn't help but to get butterflies when I thought about starting our future together.I couldn't wait to become his wife.

On 6 December 2014, our big day finally arrived. And it was a perfect day for a beach wedding,the sun was shining, clear blue skies with a light breeze. a day where we promised to love and cherish each other, in front of our families and friends, with sand between our toes, and to make it even better, was the fact that it was my cousin who married us.

I couldn't wait for when it was my turn to walk past all our loved ones towards my husband, but when I first saw him standing there, waiting for me and looking so handsome, the moment was to big for me! I couldn't keep to the slow pace, if it wasn't for my dad that was with me, I would have sprinted towards him.

The rest of the day was like our marriage and relationship, beautiful, full of love and lots of laughter. It turned out to be a huge a party, a celebration of us. And one of the best parts for me, was when my husband surprised me by playing our song, you were born to be my baby by Bon Jovi, on the projector.

It was a day full of wonderful memories that I will treasure forever.

I would just like to say a thank you to De Vette Mossel and Flowers4U for helping us with our beach wedding, and to our Father, Who gave me this wonderful man


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