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Maxzell Van jaarsveldt (Lerm)

Maxzell Van jaarsveldt

Married on Dec 6, 2014

He takes my breath away and forever captured my heart, soul and love

People say that you never knew the meaning of true love until you say that you have found your ultimate and true soul mate: Those people who ever they are, were right. I was in a turmoil of health problems and despair when fate sent me my other half. I was alone and afraid that no man would accept me for who I am and I hid behind make-up and a facade of smiles. I was always a positive person but I never truly imagined someone would appreciate me, for me. Then out of the blue my partner Christo walked into my life, and since then never left my side. At first I rejected his flowers and attention, thinking that it was too good to be true – that there was someone out there with a heart as pure as gold, someone like Christo who was willing to stand by me through thick and thin and support me in all my worries. From day one he acted like a pillar of strength, he guided me, nurtured me and together we grew from strength to strength. His enthusiasm for life was infections, soon we became inseparable! It didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels in love with him as we shared the same values, an unquenchable love for the outdoors and nature and had many of the same interests. That was fiveears ago, the beginning of Chapter One in our lives, and every day our love blossoms with the love and respect we have for each other. Both of our parents are married over 40 years and we look up to our families for their endless motivation, support and guidance. I can sincerely say I cannot picture my life without my future husband! Christo and I would be honoured to be selected as the pair to win this competition. Not only will it be the next chapter to our happily ever after, but it will allow us the privilege to save all the money we intended to pay for =our honeymoon, and start building our future home. It will be nothing extravagant, but a home built ourselves with love and hope that our futures will be a happy one. Not only will winning this competition be a dream come true, it will open doors for the two of us and allow is to discover each other and share our dreams of having a house full of laughing children.

Our wedding was perfection, magical, a dream, things one only sees in movies and read in romance novels. It was emotional because we both have searched our whole lives and knew that we had finally found each other and declared our love openly and forever in front of friends, family and God. We decided on the Lanzerac venue in Stellenbosch because we are both active outdoor fanatics. We fell in love with the setting, the trees and the old history surrounding the breath-taking venue. 110 of our closes friends and family shared the days with us, making memories that will last a life time.. From the morning we both woke up we knew this day was going to be unforgettable. My bridesmaids and myself was spoilt with a extravagant room at the venue where we played music and drank some sparkling wine while getting ready. We were all full of laughter, jokes and bubbling with excitement. It was something out of a movie, all the girls getting ready, enjoying delicious platters waiting for the minutes to tick by so I could finally say 'I do'. My husband on the other hand was more causal, the best men and groom all went fishing and arrived at the venue around 2 pm to all get dressed. Our blue eyed border collie was part of the excitement, the photos and making memories on the day. He looked adorable in his little tuxedo but honestly I think he enjoyed sleeping more on the luxurious carpet of the room than anything else!

When I walked down the isle in the magnificent Stellenbosch NG Church I could not keep the tears at bay. I tried my best but they cascaded down my cheeks as I watched my soon-to-be-husband standing proudly waiting at the end of the isle. The church was colossal, the lyrics of "Chritina Perri - 1000 years" bouncing off the walls, but all I could see was him. And all he could see was me. Everything else was a blur as our eyes locked and knew that from today our lives would never be the same. The ceremony was touching, with the priest instilling his wise words onto our entire gathered party. Outside the church family and friends embraced us, and enveloped us in bubbles as confetti. The sight was captivating, as the bubbles glittered in the bright rays of the sun, swirling around us and the guests and then vanished into the sky. As our bridal party departed to the reception at the Lanzerac, they were greeted with cocktails and delicious platters.

My husband and I continued to take-part in a romantic photo shoot, in the shade of the jade-colored trees, with the majestic mountain in the backdrop. I was delighted when our two pitch black horses arrived with purple and white roses meticulously intertwined into their mane and tail hair. The animals were very docile and it was pure magic how the horses responded to our every move, the photos were amazing and contributed to our fairy tail wedding. When all the photos were complete and we headed into our venue, the sun set and it painted the skies with brilliant orange, reds, and pinks - the entire world at this moment in time was perfect. As soon as the shadows spread across the vast expanse of the Lanzerac laws our white fairy lights gracing the trees outside the venue light up, purple spotlights shone in luminous color against the stark white walls. The ambiance was romantic, and captivating to say the least. Before we entered the reception venue - my husband turned to me and whispered "I love you, and will love you till my last breathe on this earth" We shared a passionate kiss and entered the hall to clapping friends and family as "I am a believer" from Shrek blared out of the speakers.

Inside the hall looked spectacular - I could not have asked my family and friends who helped for any anything else because all their hard work completely exceeded out expectations. The sweet aroma of flowers hung in the air as my mother outdid herself with hundreds of gorgeous white, purple and green blossoms. The speeches were emotional, and resonated truth how love can conquer all negative aspects in life. During the entire reception my husband and I clung to each other, overwhelmed with all the love and support. Every table with its crystals, draping from the flowers vases, and the dancing candles, the hand picked special gifts for each couple that attended our wedding sparkled in the dim purple lights overhead.

Our first dance, was out of this world, it felt like we were floating on a cloud of happiness as he skillfully swept me across the floor to Keith Urbans "Making-Memories"of us - the only romantic, 'sad' song at the wedding because my husband and I wanted a celebration a atmosphere that enticed our gathering to dance, to party and marvel at every second of this glorious day and night just as we did.


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Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

Lanzerac Hotel & Spa is a true Stellenbosch icon – steeped in history and luxury, the old grande dame is synonymous with old-world charm and rich Cape heritage.