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Maryke van der Ryst (du Preez)

Maryke van der Ryst

Married on Dec 6, 2014

It was raining for days before our OUTSIDE-wedding...our wedding day, was the second day with sunshine!! The Lord let it rain to give us beautiful green surroundings. Our ceremony was on the side of the Gamtoos river in the Eastern Cape. In the morning, when everyone was busy getting their hair done, Eskom surprised us with unplanned loadshedding session. It was crazy. Some of the ladies had curlers in their hair After 2 1/2 hours of electricity, this bride started to stress... But everything went smoothly and just past 2pm I was ready and waited for 4pm. I didn't want to be a bride that is late... but we still had to do the wedding car's ribbon and balloons before we go to the ceremony, and the clock was ticking... so eventually I was a few minutes late. The day was perfect... The food was delicious and the guests enjoyed themselves on our very special day! The evening was great, the weather was fine and it was full moon!!


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