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Lynette Smidt (Adams)

Lynette Smidt

Married on Dec 20, 2014

A little bit about us: I am Lynette Smidt (officialy :)) and I married the most wonderful man, Justin Smidt, on the 20th Dec 2014. Our whirlwind romance started out almost 4 years ago on the 10th April 2011, when he asked me to be his girlfriend and not a day since then has passed where I doubted that this was the guy I was going to spend the rest of my life with...

Wedding date: 20 Dec 2014
Venue: Zevenwacht Wine Estate
Theme: Picnic of Love

20.12.2014 - Hands down THE MOST AMAZING day of my life and this is how it all went down...
The day started out as any other, I was scolding with Justin (as usual) lol. The plan for the day was set-out. We were going to have a 'couples shoot' the morning because I ALWAYS complain that I'm dating a photographer but we have no nice pics together. Then it was supposed to be off to breakfast, spend some time on the beach and then a supper date the evening cos he felt like 'spoiling' me a bit.
We get to Zevenwacht Wine Estate for the shoot and he tells me that his buddy (Auriol) who was going to do the shoot for us unfortunately can't make it so she arranged that another one of their buddy's (Arienne) would do it. This seemed legit cos he told me that he asked Arienne to take our wedding pics someday and that this so called 'couples shoot' would be like a practice run for her. So I totally fall for this story hook-line&sinker!!
As we drive into the venue past the lake, I see they busy setting up for a wedding ceremony and Justin says: 'Wow babe, imagine it was our wedding today, how ironic wouldn't that be hey?' but he says all this very very casually. I smile and tell him that i cannot wait to get this shoot done so I can have fresh pics of the two of us to upload in the new year.
Anyway, we meet Arienne and off we go to get this 'shoot' started. Everything is perfect, we posing and laughing and running around like small kids and just having a really fun time.
Then Justin asks me to walk up the hill to the poles cos he really really wants to take a picture over there. He tells me to sit down cos the pose he has in mind is one where I need to be sitting, so naturally - I sit...
He then stands infront of me but is almost kneeling and I joke and say: 'So love, is this how you going to propose to me one day?' still giggling and joking. He answers and simply says: 'Maybe'.
Then he whips out this round box and tells me to read it...I am STUNNED!!! Its our Wedding invite and the date on it is 20/12/2014!!! I start freaking out and all that comes out my mouth is: 'OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW!!!'
As I start tearing up, he takes out another box, tells me that my eyes isn't lying to me and that today is the day he makes me his wife...He proposes and the both of us, including our photographer is in tears all before I say 'Yes'!
The rest as they say is History.
So yes, the most wonderful man on this planet proposed and married me on the same day!! He single handedly (with the help of family and friends) arranged and pulled off the MOST PERFECT WEDDING!!
Thank you to everyone who helped him make all of my dreams come true in one day
To my wonderful bridesmaids and best-friends, Tamrin, Danielle and my amazing sister Kayla, you guys ROCKED!!! I would not have been ready at all if it were not for you guys! To everyone else who I haven't mentioned, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your well wishes, love and support means the world to the both of us.
To my HUSBAND Justin, you are one in a million!! Words cannot describe the love I have for you. Thank you for all you did, I love you to infinity always!!!
So yes...I am a MRS and loving every moment of it!
#SoBlessed #SupriseWedding #LoveMyMan #MyDreamGuy #PicnicWedding


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Situated on the Stellenbosch Wine Route, Zevenwacht has viticulture roots which penetrate deep into the historic past of South Africa.