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Elzeri Wright (Botha)

Elzeri Wright

Married on Dec 13, 2014

It all started on the 27th of December 2013 when my golden haired prince, Ivan, asked for my hand in marriage. Fairy-tale aside, Ivan has always been my rock, best friend and most of all, the love of my life. So, without a hint of hesitation, I excitedly entered our bubble of happiness and said to a wedding date set for Saturday 13 December 2014.

As we planned the ceremony, that would mark the beginning of the new life journey that would be ahead of us, both Ivan and I wanted to share not just a location and day with everyone we love but allow them to hopefully experience that magic that we feel when we're together.

As with every great experience in life, the scene needed to be set. When I closed my eyes, I imagined a day with an ethereal, classic elegance to fuel my passion for another time, soft tones of apricots with glossy white pearls and a hint of flowery scents. Somewhere in the background, the sweet flowing sounds of a harp intertwined with the conversation and laughter of family and friends during the reception.

Thankfully, it turned out even more glorious that I ever imagined. Tuscan Hall at Green Leaves offered the elegant backdrop for my fairy-tale scene with its vintage architecture and flowing gardens. Having our best friend Annezel Otto in front of everyone we love, reading a beautiful text from the Bible, made it all the more special.

But that was just the beginning.

The fairy-tale would have been incomplete for us without some of the quirkiness that made Ivan and me who we are. So, family and friends had the opportunity to get in touch with their inner child by playing dress up with us at the photo booth and then indulging their taste buds at the candy station.

Today, when we look at the pictures, both Ivan and I can still get the faint scent of the flowers, remember the glorious colours of the sunset and the feeling of our first dance as husband and wife. Knowing, that life spent with your best friend is worth millions more than without.

Please visit for a sneak preview of our wedding.

A special thanks to:
Our parents
Green Leaves - Function Venue
Hennie, Annemarie and Rosanne Fourie - Flowers
Devon Krige - Photographer
Andre Sonnekus - Videographer
Marike's wedding designs & wedding co-co-ordinators - Wedding Dress
Euro Suite - Suites
Cafe Fluer - Decor
Novello Designs - Decor
Simply Soundz - Music
Estelle de Jager - Wedding cake


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Green Leaves

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