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Chandre du Plessis

Chandre du Plessis

Married on Dec 13, 2014

It was a perfect Saturday morning on December 13th, 2014. The warm summer air was filled with excitement. The view was amazing from where I stood on the balcony of Imvubu Lodge’s honeymoon suite, overlooking the swells of the bright blue sea. I could smell the soft salty scent coming from the ocean and the crashing of the waves on the beach added to the peaceful instrumental background sounds as the wedding ceremony was about to begin.
This day, my wedding date, was about to change the rest of my life. A match made in Heaven….. those were the words on my wedding invitation. We serve a good God, a true living God who answers our prayers and give us second chances.
The wedding venue at Imvubu Lodge, Richards Bay was decorated with white, silver and bright crystals glittering in the fairy lights, providing an awesome spectrum of colours for a perfect classical white wedding, representing the purity of two people in love and the beginning of a new life.
The moment everyone was waiting for, me most of all, finally arrived. I appeared in my dazzling white wedding dress, hair tied up with fresh white flowers, the most beautiful green high heel shoes on my feet, looking and feeling like a real princess. My first impression was to observe the guest waiting on my arrival, all dressed up for the occasion, the beautiful swimming pool in the background and the peaceful sound of the ocean filling my ears. The music started and the bridesmaids made their way down to the end of the aisle, each with a flower girl hand in hand.
The music stopped and everyone rose. As the notes of the Wedding March fill the air, accompanied by my father I descended the stairs with the sound of birds singing in the trees. All eyes were on me, I noticed looks of surprise, admiration and joy from some of the guests and then …….. I saw him !.The most handsome man on earth, dark, standing tall, with teary eyes.
I approached him one step at a time, and finally after what felt like years, he came forward to greet his new father-in-law, as he gave away his daughter to start a new life.
After receiving a beautiful message on the symbolic meaning of salt, we formed a Salt Covenant as described in the Bible, we exchanged our vows and I was kissed by my new husband. It was a memorable moment knowing that I am now married to the man at my side, who loves and adores me for who I am, and I realized that for our God nothing is impossible!!
The ceremony was very entertaining, with the highlight being the opening dance when all eyes were on us and I could finally step back and see everything that had just happened. The chairs were filled with precious family and friends who joined us on this very special day. The guests were huddled around the tables talking, laughing and just having a good time.
Although it was just a normal Saturday evening to most people, to me 13 December 2014 was a very special day of love, and my life was blessed with marriage.


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