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Caterina Nicolaou Mallotas (Nicolaou)

Caterina Nicolaou Mallotas

Married on Dec 13, 2014

"To love another is to see the face of God," Victor Hugo . With these words my love and I began the adventure with our magical fairytale wedding!
It is every bright-eyed girl's dream to be a princess in some form or another when she is older. Whether your style is hard rock, gothic ,vintage or classic; a wedding day gives us that excuse to dress up, wear a tiara, go overboard unnecessarily and focus on fine detail (if that’s your thing as it is mine) .BUT, the most important thing to remember when planning a wedding ,is the ultimate goal. It’s not about what everyone else thinks or how perfect all the details are! It’s about starting a new journey with your soulmate and having fun doing so! We would like to share this fairytale journey of ours with you.

We wanted the wedding to be an embodiment of who we as a couple are: fun, fresh, unique, magical and crazy! We wanted a traditional Greek wedding with a funky fresh twist. We kept this in mind in all choices we made. We wanted orchids ,hydrangeas, blue lighting at our venue ,crystal trees ,the Greek church, the traditional family blessing, good food, better music ,broken Greek plates and above all happy guests and a happy bride and groom!

Some of the details we chose were sentimental links to our history as a couple. Which to me was a special detail. We gave our guests fresh water pearl earrings. The pearl is the stone of Mauritius and this is where Andreas proposed to me. Our cake was also designed using the effect of a pearl waterfall down the cake. And what a delicious cake by Frosting Bakery it was.
Another detail that tied in with our relationship were the orchids. We have many special memories with this flower from our trip to Thailand. An unexpected sentimental link was our wedding planner, Nick Nicolaou, choosing hydrangeas! Hydrangeas were also a special flower to me as my father had planted Hydrangeas for me on my birthday when I was a child.

We didn’t have one particular colour as a theme but rather the idea and feeling of fun, fresh, elegant, classic and magical. Our bridesmaids looked like princesses in a light coral gown with exquisite beading detail, and our groomsmen were very smart in classic black suits with grey suspenders and ties. Our flower girls were dressed like fairies in dresses my previous school teacher made for us with my design. These fairies were in full white with subtle silver beaded detail.

We asked the amazing magic man, Nick Nicolaou(not a relation) to help us visualize our wedding dream; and he truly did. From merely getting to know us and picking up on our tastes and expectations, Nick was eventually completing our sentences and saying what we were thinking before we had the chance to. Now that is a unique skill to have, especially with this crazy couple!

We chose Summerplace, Hyde Park, as our venue for its elegant white pillars, chandeliers, beautiful gardens and stunning conference rooms. A whole day spent in this fresh classic venue truly felt like we were a million miles away!

To add some Greek flavour , our caterers had some delicious Greek food and served it in a meze style as done at the restaurants in Greece ! We loved this as it combined a buffet with a plated meal !

We have been truly lucky to have had such a wonderful start to our new chapter! We are blessed with an amazing family, friends, retinue and above all soulmate! And we continue to live out our fun, fresh, magical, fairytale! Love, life and marriage is ultimately what you perceive it to be! So go on ladies. Be your own unique princess and live your own unique fairytale,whatever that may be xxx


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