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Shannin King (Meiring)

Shannin King

Married on Nov 2, 2014

After braving the city life together for several years, Justin and I decided (whilst sitting on the beach in Cape Vidal watching the sunrise) that we were going to leave all that was familiar to us, pack up our 1972 Volksibus - Bella, and hit the open road working at lodges around the country and use every cent we made to explore the amazing country we live in. It has been a phenomenal journey to say the least! Along the way we have been privileged enough to forge life-long friendships, learnt how to cope with being away from our loved ones, overcome financial hardship, experienced the incredible beauty of our country, but most of all how to have a successful relationship. Our journey as a management couple has meant that we not only spend every day together, but live, play AND WORK together too. This has taught us to be tolerant, patient and understanding of one another; particularly when the long and taxing hours start to take their toll. The constant teamwork and communication necessary to be successful in our career together has formed an indestructible bond. The decision to get married was simply the next natural course of action. We decided to have an intimate ceremony at sunrise on the beach in Cape Vidal where it all began, and to host our reception the following weekend somewhere closer to home that all of our friends and family would be able to attend. Our theme and colour scheme was easy to decide. Neither of us have ever really been one for following trends, we just wanted everything we included to have a specific sentimental reason for being there, rather than because it looks pretty. The exposure to and experience with weddings as a result of our career, made the service providers easy to select too.
There is no doubt in our minds that we were brought together for a reason. We are humbly grateful to whatever force you believe is responsible, for helping two lost souls find their purpose and soul mate.


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