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Monique Dicks (Williams)

Monique Dicks

Married on Nov 29, 2014

On this 29th day of November 2014, I married the man of my dreams. We had the most beautiful wedding at Die Akker Wedding Venue.

It was the most emotional day I have ever experienced. It all started with my Dad bringing me a bunch of red roses with tears in his eyes saying: "You will be a beautiful bride and I pray that God will bless your marriage".

As all brides would know, the morning of your wedding is so busy that you sometimes forget to just take it all in. It was time for make-up, hair, nails, getting dressed and photo's. Then at last the moment came where I would walk into the chapel and see my soon to be husband.

Walking down the isle my knees were shaking, tears are almost rolling down my cheeks and all I can think about is: I wonder what Ekard (my Husband) is thinking. Our Pastor said something that blessed me so much. She said, what God put together no one can separate.

I would just like to share a peace of my wedding with you. Here is the poem my husband read to me at our wedding:

There are so many things I love about you?. I love your childlike quality,?Your sense of wonder,?Your enthusiasm for life and love?. I love the way you understand me? Better, than anyone I’ve ever known.?The way you’re always thinking of things to make me happy?. I love the fun we have together?, The way you can always make me laugh?,Just when I need it most? And I love the way I am when I’m with you. ?I more see things clearly?Through your eyes and your touch?Makes me feel everything more deeply?. I love discovering the inner you? That other people never see ?And the more I discover, the more I find to love?I love you simply because you are you?. That’s why I know for the rest of my life I will always be in love with only you.

I would just like to take the time and first of all thank God for the wonderful husband he gave me and for a fairytale wedding that He made possible. To my Mom an Dad, thank you for your love, support and helping hand to make our day possible. Die Akker, thank you for the flowers, decorations and wonderful food and hospitality. Thank you to Clarisse Peterson (White Cube Studios) for the amazing wedding photo's, Olivelli for my dress, Anna Pepper (The Refinery hair and makeup) for my makeup and Carmen van der Peet for my hair.

Lots of Love
Monique and Ekard


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