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Lune van Heerden (Park)

Lune van Heerden

Married on Nov 15, 2014

Every little girl dreams of the day when she wears that ultimate white dress, hair and make-up that is more than perfect, and then, walks down the route that is specially laid for her to meet her prince. .. it's like a fairy tale for years and years in a girl's dream wordl ... Finally my fairytale become true, 15 November 2014… A day I will never forget...
That morning the heavens above us opened and the water was welcomed by the dry land of the Free State ... Bridesmaids running around, me, the bride, bubbly person that I am, making jokes and relaxed.
Hair and make-up done, the I am putting on the perfect dress for my big day, every minute further another butterfly awakens in my stomach!
It's 15:50 and we started walking down to the chapel.
16:00… the ringing the big bell!
In my mind ... "It's time! Bernard I'm here!"
Rev. Johann Els (my uncle), had me baptized and now 25 years later he is marring me and Bernard. It's special.

Now I am Mrs van Heerden!
Register is signed ...
We walked out and it's only pink rose petals everywhere ...
The cake is cut ...
Photos are taken ...
Now it's time for the big party!

A day and a night that I will cherish forever!


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