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Johnene Maart (Cupido)

Johnene Maart

Married on Nov 29, 2014

29 November 2014 … our wedding day. It came and went in the blink of an eye and holds so many fabulous memories. It was the sort of beautiful summer day I envisioned when I hoped for a summer wedding. We ladies began our day at my parents home. My family friend arranged our hair while parents and family assisted with preparations. Dad arrived to see me in my dress ahead of time, and before I knew it, it was time to head to the church.
I remember walking down the aisle, focused on Enrico, and don’t even remember seeing the guests. I was so emotional when my dad starts crying. The ceremony lasted about 1hr and I’m glad, it gave me time to remember it. There were fun moments, serious moments, and touching moments. We were so excited to be getting married, & felt totally unaware that there was even anyone else there.
After loads of photos at the reception my uncle announced us into the barn and we took our seats at the main table. My dad did his speech first which considering he hates public speaking went really well. The rest of the evening we spent dancing and chatting with our guests.
I am glad I have literally thousands of pictures that captured the day. Here’s looking forward to many more special moments from now to forever.
I think what helped to make it so good was that we weren’t trying to impress anyone, or appease fussy relatives. We were just doing what felt natural & good to us. I don’t believe that a wedding has to be an expensive, over-the-top spectacle. In fact, I think it feels more genuine & beautiful when it’s a little understated. It’s about uniting two people, & shouldn’t be about trying to outdo everything you’ve ever seen.
My advice to any brides is to keep it simple. When you do, the realness shines through.


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