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Jillian Roux (Cilliers)

Jillian Roux

Married on Nov 8, 2014

We were high school sweet hearts. After 8 happy years I finally got married to my first and only love and my best friend.

We had a rustic vintage, rainy wedding at Die Akker wedding venue. It was traditional but also fun, romantic and amazing, just the way we hoped it will be. It was the best day of our lives.

The day started out very quietly with, after I had to hand out calming pills to almost everyone except myself, my mother, father, grandmother, mother in law, amazing make-up artist and my 8 beautiful bridesmaids at my side which I would not have wanted any other way. For my dear husband it started with pain, very bad toothache, for which he was sedated with strong painkillers. According to him, it all went away the moment I came down the aisle because in that moment he fell in love all over again just like the first time he saw me at school in the classroom sitting in his chair.

There was a moment while we were standing in the chapel where I wondered who had our rings. After quietly asking my husband if his best man has the rings and him confirming that he does not I softly called my mom and asked her to go look for the rings, luckily she found them and had them there in time. After an incredible service from our pastor, we kissed and I was finally Mrs. Roux.

After the service we newlyweds and our bridal party took a few breathers in the chapel where my sister brought me something to drink (red drink). On her way towards me she tripped over the step and spilled the drink on my dress. My first reaction was "oh nooo!!!" but moments after when it was cleaned, I was calm and very happy and laughed about it I only wish I could say the same for my sister. From thereon she was the most emotional person on our wedding.

We had 2 highlights for the evening, which I would like to share.

1: For our 2 year anniversary I gave him a message in a bottle (I sealed the letter with d-c-fix, filled the bottle with water and glitter and broke the cork so that he won't be able to open it) and I told him that he may open the bottle the day he marries me. He used the bottle as part of his speech, and not remembering what I wrote in the letter I was a little bit nervous. He broke the bottle open and read it out loud in front of all the guests. The letter made me smile and brought out a lot of emotion in me and in it I said:
“My lief, hierdie brief is op 10 Oktober 2008 geskryf, ons 2 jaar anniversary. Jy lees nou die brief seker op ons “Trou “dag, hopelik, of dalk is ons nog net meisie en ou. Ek sal baie bly wees as dit is, ek is baie lief vir jou, jy was nog altyd en is die enigste man vir my en jy beteken die wêreld vir my. You are the “love of my life”.
The joy that it brought us as well as our family and friends was indescribable.

2: We had a traditional slow dance with a twist. Halfway through my husband mixed the music and we started to freestyle, which was his idea, and this resulted in getting our guest in a party mood whish was amazing. The joy for us and our family and friends brought indescribable.

With all that went wrong you would think that it was not everything that we wanted but it made it unique and it was perfect in every way. To marry the love of your life is all that counts all the detail is just a little something extra.

If we could, we would get married every year.

Our day would not have been so amazing without the following people:

Die Akker – Venue, décor & DJ
Faded Grace – Flowers & décor
Heart Crafted Weddings – Our laser cutting wedding décor & bridesmaids gifts
Tintbox – Make-up & Hair
Michelle Kalp Photography Architecture
Trou Klokkies – Father of the bride & groom Gifts
Lily Green – Groomsman’s gifts
Urnique Bakery - Cake
Whimsical Bridal – Bride dress


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