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Este (Hester) Van Schalkwyk

Este (Hester) Van Schalkwyk

Married on Nov 8, 2014

08 November 2014, our wedding day. Not like most girls...I never dreamt of my wedding day. Again it was one of many things where Jesus proved to me that just because you can’t see it or it is too big to even imagine, it does not mean it is not possible. And isn't that exactly what faith is about? That is what He is all about.
SP, my husband :-) completely swept me of my feet with the proposal. He proposed on a very high mountain at sunset, and although we did not have any reception at our cosy cabin, we managed to get some reception there on the mountain to phone all the family with the good news. That is when we were told the worse news ever. His mom went in for a very normal shoulder operation and came out of the operating theater, unable to speak, walk or do anything. She was fighting for her life. The doctors were not optimistic and we were told to go to JHB as soon as possible. This is the woman that raised SP to be the amazing man he is today, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. This is the woman I have come to love like a second mother in the 9 years we have been together. How is it possible, how can we lose her? Getting married and the thought of her not being there was unimaginable. Our wedding day, the day I know SHE prayed for. How?
The following 6 months was months of grace, miracles and unconditional love....the most amazing blessed 6 months coming up to the wedding:
I can honestly say that arranging events is not my forte. Attending the party....well that is more in my line ;-)
I immediately started to pinterest, since that was the advise all the brides gave me...problem with that is that you need to at least know what you like or have in mind...everything was beautiful and so confusing, so I thought, move on Este, plan B.
I looked at the stacks of magazines in front of me...,my sisters ‘ very generous hand down from her wedding...if I am talking about “stacks”, I am referring to probably 100. The worst is that there was thousand of sticky labels ...color coded...on certain pages, sticky labels that she placed there for her wedding. A very constant reminder of how organised she was and that she had a whole system for her big day...which, by the way, was magnificent! When I reached the 10th sticky, I felt completely overwhelmed. This is not me!
Then I went for plan C, very ashamed to say, it should have been plan A! With my sweetest and most innocent voice I asked: “Jesus, please can you plan our wedding, you know both of us better then we know ourselves, so I know it will be amazing. I really just want to enjoy the day and SP and the amazing promise that we are going to make before You”....
And from was all peaches and cream...I will be writing pages and pages to share with you how He blessed us on this journey of wedding planning. However I will name only a few, although probably most of all the decisions was made for us, from the Pastor, to the venue to the DJ to the flowers, to the photographer etc...It all just worked out that way (He truly was the wedding planner) and I loved everything.
The biggest blessing of all ... SP’s mom (now also my mom) pulled through, after 3 months she was discharged from hospital, against all odds. She is still not able to talk or walk, but she is completely aware of her surroundings and able to communicate through writing, we even sms. What an amazing wedding gift!!! We still believe and pray for a complete recovery.
About 6 weeks before our wedding, everything was already in place, except for.... !!!!...I did not have a wedding dress.
Then....I found my dress, the dress that made me feel like a princess....BUT it was not even close to my budget. I was out with thousands. Feeling desperate, I went online and looked at dresses to order from abroad, if this was going to be an alternative, time was running out. And there it was! My dress on the website! The exact same dress! Even the model in the picture was the same as the model wearing it on the website of the boutique in South Africa....for R10000 less. Yes, I did not accidentally add an extra 0, R10 000 less. I could not believe my eyes.
...Two weeks before the wedding, my very important parcel had NOT yet arrived. I tried contacting the company abroad with no luck, skyping, calling, emailing, nothing. I probably should have googled reviews about the company BEFORE ordering and paying. The reviews were very negative, majority were in the same predicament as I...ordered, paid, no delivery or wrong dress arrived.
My only option now was to buy the dress in South Africa, for 4 times the 5 times, since I already paid for the one in China. I booked an appointment at the boutique for the next day. I was desperate, exceeeeeeeeding the budget, but with no other alternative. I knew that God would provide somehow...He did prove time and again to make the impossible possible, always beating the odds. That very same day, a small parcel arrived; impossible...can it be...there is no way that a wedding dress can fit in such a small package...
Turns out, it can! I GOT MY DREAM DRESS, from china ;-) Thank you Jesus, not even a day too late!!
Our wedding day was amazing! Now I know why I never dreamed of it, no dream of mine could have come close to that day! Walking down the aisle with my father was such a special moment. SP and me, saying our vows and knowing that we are making the commitment in front of God was definitely my highlight. Being able to say that a man like Sp is my husband! WOW!!! I can only look forward to an unimaginable future as a married couple ;-)
Thank you to all the people that God has send over our path to make our day spectacular!


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