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Cara-Lee Van Eeden (Ermer)

Cara-Lee Van Eeden

Married on Nov 8, 2014

My husband and I met 7 and a half years ago and on the 8th of November 2014, we tied the knot.

When planning our wedding, we wanted to do something a little different from the rest. We don't consider ourselves as a "normal couple", we are fun, quirky and our relationship is colourful. After much thought, we both decided to go with a rainbow wedding. Keep it fun, quirky and colourful, something that resonated our relationship and our personalities.

I got some great advice from someone that I feel every bride should know:

1. Before climbing into your dress, have your bridesmaids pour you a cold bath and champagne, because once you are in that dress, you won't be out of it until much later that evening. It can get hot and it can it can get heavy. A cold bath, champagne and closed door. Just you and your thoughts, take it that moment because time flies from there on.

2. After you have come back from your photo's and everyone is at the reception waiting for you. Take 5min to sit down with your new husband. Take that moment in, think about it, because of you two, they are all there, this event is all because of you and to celebrate the biggest day of your life.

3. Try and stick to your husband the whole night, its a tricky one when everyone wants a little bit of your attention, but do it so that when its all over, you both share the same memories.


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