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Bernadine O'Friel (Le Roux)

Bernadine O'Friel

Married on Nov 22, 2014

Our wedding was the best day of my life!

My husband is an Irishman and we met in an Irish pub (how ironic hey). So it was only fitting that we have an Irish-style wedding, and Shepstone Gardens was the perfect "Ireland in Jhb" with the beautiful green lawns and stone buildings.
My hubby was so stressed out shame, but luckily I left him a Groom's Survival Kit in his Mancave where he dressed. Inside the Survival Kit was a big clock with a note "It's about time your butt is mine" ha ha, and it was, as we had been together for over 8yrs already. I also gave him some socks "So no cold feet", a small bottle of Listerine "For a fresh kiss", a small bottle of Jagermeister "In case of nerves" and a book which I had printed for him called "I Love you Like...." This kit was a real hit but I heard that it made my poor hubby so emotional!
Then came the dress, we're all hair-styled and pretty, make-up done and ready to go. I don my wedding gown, and as I bend down to tie my shoe buckles, I hear my zip rip!
A big gasp dawns on the room as my onlookers (mom, bridesmaids, make-up artist, hair and photographer) are waiting for my meltdown. (I tell myself, I will NOT be a bridezilla, I will NOT be a bridezilla) I could not help but laugh as I knew that my second dress (more relaxed for later's partying was just as beautiful, so simply slip it on and off we go!
My husband said I have never looked more beautiful in my life, and I must agree, it all turned out perfect. Jolly guests, yummy food, crazy pics in the photobooth and some dancing........The happiest day for both of us!

Now is the much anticipated wait for our photo's as our wonderful photographer has just given us a glimpse and I have shared those with you, will share the rest when we have them........xoxo


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