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Angelique Murphy (Meiring)

Angelique Murphy

Married on Nov 15, 2014

Our love story started out in a good friendship and from there we proved that love never ends.

The day has arrived and I am on my way to the Venue Oakfields with my four Gorges Bridesmaids. Reality is starting to kick in but not fully yet.

Its a early start but so worth while we got pampered by the most amazing people David John our make artist out done himself such perfection. Ryno who did our hair came along Michael Bezuidenhout who was the dress designer of the beautiful creation I walked down the isle with. While getting dressed everyone's words was as follows- He is going to cry when he sees you- Yes he did and that made me feel so special because that was tears of joy and true happiness.

Reality kicks in my heart starts to beat even faster than its been the whole day and I loose my breath as my father starts crying when he saw me- he's green eyed baby girl is getting married today- wow what an amazing feeling to have had my daddy there to walk me down the isle.

The heavens opens as we say our vows what a blessing.

As you can imagine the rest of the day was stunning - perfect - breathtaking.

After a year of planning everything came together amazingly .

Our friends and family who was there to support us - they made it so more special.

The highlight of my day was most definitely my husbands speech to me. I will treasure those words for ever and ever. To say the least he had all the ladies in tears with that speech.

Wow what an amazing day - I married my best friend- my soul mate - my Lovebumbs- Neil Murphy.


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