Doné Phillips (Madden)

Married on Oct 19, 2014

To be Honest I actually never thought this day would come, that i would ever get married. Simon and I have been together already over 13 years and i actually lost all faith and hope, i didn't get the exact beach wedding i have always dreamed of but i am a Private person and small is the way to go.

Everyone said things would change after the wedding etc, all honest, nothing has, dont think it has sunk in we MARRIED, i'm married to my FIRST LOVE, TRUE LOVE, BEST FRIEND. I can honestly say i would not be where i am in my life and career if he was not in it.
we first got together when i was just turning 17 years old, on and off as it does goes, but 6 months later, no turning back, he just filled the hole inside me.

We are by far not perfect, both Head strong personality, bump head alot, but i would have it no other way, he completes me, and it's not that i cant survive without him, simply that i wont. He is the ying to my yang, i still get butterflies when i miss him, and think of him.. Silly to many, but it's such a special feeling to have, still going on 14 years of being in relationship.

Yes it was not the dream beach wedding, but i married my Dream Man.

Now we finaish off the final chapter in our book, close it, lock it, put it far away, as past is past.
We now open a new life long book and start our new chapter in our lives, with our georgeous son who we waited for 7 years to come into our lives.

I am truly blessed to have him support my career, and let me spread my wings as far as i can, how many man take the back seat.......... Cook dinner (as I hate cooking)..... we just complete each other in the strangest but best ways.

THe day went by so fast, i wish i could have it again, so my PLEA is out there for votes, I have never won anything EVER.

Should I be so lucky to win i can have the dream beach reception i have always dreamed of, and make it on our 14th year anniversary and it will be a late Honeymoon as we have been unable to go on Honeymoon to such a fantastic place.

Please let me dream day continue, and vote for me Doné Phillips (ID: 32665) To vote: SMS 32665 to 36697


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