Cheri Nel (Van der Westhuizen)

Married on Oct 25, 2014

This was the best freaking day of my life!

Everyone was there; the moms and dads, the sisters and cousins, the crazy friends from Jo'burg with a Go-Pro strapped to the craziest one's head, the varsity friends (now spread all over the country) who made the event a mini-reunion, the colleagues who knew our every-day habits and coffee addictions, the friends who lived down the street when we were little, the quirky uncle, the smart lawyer, and of course...the man of my dreams...

We wanted people to celebrate!
To dance (on their heads);
to drink wine (until they dance on their heads);
to laugh and be merry;
to forget about the higher interest rate that makes bond payments uncomfortable, the Eskom-blackouts that make bath-time for kids a nightmare, stress at work, traffic, strained relationships...the things that make us tired...
...that make us forget about love.

And THAT is exactly why it was the best freaking day of my life! Because we did all that.
And more.
The ceremony was special, the reception crazy and the speeches short and powerful (read: my sister, the maid of honour, literally took a champagne bottle's head off with a knife; "the sabrage method" apparently). "So that we can do that on our anniversary every year," she said.

I felt beautiful, he felt strong, we felt that life is perfect and that love conquers all. I would like to believe that our day provided hope to young hearts, rekindled old loves and reminded people is truly beautiful.


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