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Diamond Advisor

Diamond Advisor


Diamond Advisor brings the power, romance and intrigue of Africa wrapped up in an equally magical acquisition: the DIAMOND. Specialising in engagement rings and wedding bands, our passion for exquisite stones communicates the pleasure of expressing one's individuality through jewellery. What better time to create a truly magnificent sign of your love?

Wedding Gifts

Your wedding is one of the most unforgettable days of your lives. Our Diamond Advisor catalogue of beautiful gifts for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, will show you just how unique a thank-you gift can be on this auspicious occasion, with thoughtful and classic pieces for the special people in your lives. We are purveyors of fine jewellery and our range of exquisite bracelets, pendants, rings, bracelets, fancy stones and designer rings is there to tantalise your gift desires.

Your Magical Milestones

Diamond Advisor expands its global footprint by providing an online platform and personal expertise at your fingertips for your ease of purchasing your choices from a wide range of stones, gorgeous catalogue jewellery or bespoke designed pieces. By acquiring your precious stones through Diamond Advisor you are guaranteed genuine, conflict-free stones, chosen with care and particular to your exact specifications as we do consistently for our clients all over the globe.

The Jafuta Foundation

Diamond Advisor pays it forward by supporting the Jafuta Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. This organisation focuses on the key elements necessary to maintain equilibrium in our fragile African eco-system: community, education, culture, conservation and wildlife being the key focus areas. It is an honour to support them as they continue with their admirable work in Africa.

Whether it is an anniversary, an important milestone, asking that special person you adore to marry you, or a surprise celebration, life is never short of significant moments. Celebrate them with us at Diamond Advisor as we look forward to hearing from you.

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A Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring

A Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring

A guide to to purchasing the perfect engagement ring.

WIN An Unforgettable Proposal Experience

WIN An Unforgettable Proposal Experience

Win an unforgettable proposal with SA Weddings and Diamond Advisor

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