Marriage Officer

Dr Leon Steenkamp has been a registered Marriage Officer for over 30 years and conducted civil and religious weddings all over this beautiful country of ours – North & South, East & West, in Afrikaans or English.

The wedding is YOURS and therefore it will be specially prepared for you as the wedding couple! Your needs will be my priority to accommodate in a formal or informal manner.
Caring, loving and humor will always be part of this special occasion

Marriage Counselling

Planning your marriage is more important than planning your wedding.
Wedding is just 1 day ... Marriage is a lifetime!
In the course of 5 sessions, Dr. Leon Steenkamp provides pre-marital counseling for individuals and groups. To enjoy each other and to enjoy a happy marriage. It's practical and it's fun.
The sessions are introduced with probing questions such as
- Why do I want to marry you?
- How can we improve the quality of each other's lives?
- What is a happy marriage?
After that, each one's personality type will be evaluated and discussed on the basis of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®).
This is followed by focusing on:
- Values
- Religion
- Communication
- Intimacy
- Expectations
- Adjustments
- Mutual respect and trust
- Financial Planning
- Problem solving
- Growth, and so on.
The sessions are concluded with a mutual commitment to satisfy each other's needs in different areas – physical, psychological, spiritual and relational.

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