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Sep 25, 2019

Wedding Attire For Your Parents

It is no secret that a lot of time goes into the wedding attire for the bride and groom, but what about the parents of the bridal couple? Let’s face it, this is a huge event in both mom and dad’s life and they should look the part. You certainly do not want to compete with the bridal couple, or even worse stick out for all of the wrong reasons. If you’re feeling a little flustered at the thought of this, fear no more. Find out exactly what the mother and father of the bride and groom should consider when planning their wedding outfits.


Moms, this is such a special day and you should take the time to choose a fabulous and memorable wedding outfit. Take care not to outshine the bride – after all it is her day! We have searched the web to find some useful wedding outfit pointers to make dress shopping as easy as possible. Fear no more, the SA Weddings team has you covered. 

Use the bride as your guide

Although most women know what they like and prefer, let the bride-to-be be your first point of contact when it comes to your wedding outfit. She will be able to guide you on style, theme and colour palette of the wedding. Take time to really take the advice in as it will help keep you focused when you start browsing for possible options. Be sure to ask the bride about the dress code and if you are unsure, show her your options. Remember moms, it is an important day and you want to look the part, but it is not for you to outshine the bride. We repeat, do not outshine the bride!

Grab inspiration from the bridal party

If you are still a little unsure, have a look at the bridal party attire. This will give you a pretty good idea of style and colours. Traditionally the mother of the bride should compliment the bridal party. It does not have to match but should look good as a unit. You definitely do not want to be mistaken for the extra bridal party member. If you are having something custom made, ask for a fabric swatch and mood board from the bridal couple to make sure you look pretty as a picture and blend in seamlessly. Our top tip, do not wear a shade that even closely resembles the bride’s wedding gown. After all it is her day not yours and it is the biggest fashion no no in the world of weddings. 

Keep it classic

Yes you read correctly, keeping it chic and classic is the best advice. Not only will it compliment you but it will remain tasteful and trendy for years to come. Don’t wear anything too revealing or an outfit choice that will raise eyebrows for all of the wrong reasons. The most important rule is to not outshine the leading man and woman of the moment. Opt for a colour or fabric choice that is chapel ready and pre-approved by the bride and groom to be! Depending on the dress code, you can opt for beautiful black tie or a chic summer dress with matching jacket. Finish off your look with the most beautiful accessories, dress bag and stylish shoes. You want to look timeless and impressionable. After all, you are one of the most important guests!

Picture perfect from Bride&Co


Dad’s this is a special day for you and you are certainly not excluded from the dress code memo. After all it is your baby girl that is getting married and it is a big moment for you too! We have listed some easy to follow pointers on what father of the bride or groom should consider when planning their wedding attire.

Use the groom and groomsmen as a reference

Dad’s it is of paramount importance that you look dapper on the day of wedding. This means a tailored suit and perfect accessories to make sure you look the part. Not sure where to start? Take a fashion cue from the groom and groomsmen. Traditionally the father of the bridal couple should align with the groom and his party. In saying this, dads it does not need to be identical – just similar. So in theory, if the groom is wearing a tuxedo, the dads should wear one too. Use the dress code listed on the invite as a reference pointer. The trick here is to not overshadow or outshine the groom. 

Accessories matter

Complete your look with matching accessories that compliment the bridal party. We are talking about a beautiful tie or bowtie, matching socks, smart shoes, cufflinks and pocket squares. Before you purchase, make sure you check in with both the bride and groom to ensure you compliment not compete. Grooms-to-be, considering purchasing or renting dads outfit when you do yours so that everyone is on the same page and you can sleep with a peaceful heart knowing that it is done. A little unsure of the type of accessories that would suit your look? Chat to the tailors and shop assistants, chances are they will have exactly what you are looking for and will be able to help you put it all together at once. Sounds like a plan to us!

Early bird catches the worm

Sometimes the emphasis is placed on the mothers rather than the fathers and that means the wedding attire for your dad can get left to the last minute. Make sure you leave enough time to get his wedding attire sorted – especially if you are opting for a custom suit. Leave enough time for tailoring and construction so that you can look nothing short of picture perfect on the big day.

Look dapper with a stylish suit from Eurosuit

With these handy tips and tricks, both the moms and dads will look nothing short of chic and stylish. Don’t be afraid to gently nudge your parents in the right direction if you foresee a fashion disaster. Remember your images will last for years to come, make sure they are picture perfect.

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