Apr 27, 2020

Wedding Skin 101. Part 3

Introducing Elmarie’s at home skincare treatment plan

It is no secret that Covid-19 has put a halt on so many industries but that certainly has not stopped the team at Dr Nerina Wilkinson & Associates making sure that Elmarie still achieves her dream wedding skin for her big day. The incredible team at Dr Nerina Wilkinson & Associates now offer you the chance to start or continue your aesthetic couture journey from the comfort of your home! These exclusive and private virtual consultations allow you to discuss your goals and concerns, and the dedicated team of specialists will provide bespoke advice, recommendations and treatment plans with regards to any relevant plastic surgery, medical aesthetic treatments and skin care solutions.

If you are interested in a complimentary virtual skin consultation click HERE or email: skinclinic@drnwilkinson.co.za to start your new and improved skin care journey.

Elmarie’s Virtual Skin Consultation

Elmarie enjoyed an amazing and super insightful virtual consultation with her dedicated Skincare Specialist, Bernice. As we cannot continue with treatments at the practice, Bernice recommended supporting products that Elmarie can introduce into her existing skincare regime to combat her main concerns of sun damage and redness.

Elmarie is currently using a skincare brand called Sothys and her skincare routine includes:

•  Cleanser + Toner

•  Detox Energy Boost at night

•  Vitamin C in the morning

•  Deep pore cleansing scrub

•  SPF 50

In order to really focus on her areas of concern, Bernice has recommended three products that Elmarie can easily introduce into her existing skincare routine. Once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, Elmarie will be able to continue her treatments at the practice but for now these additional product recommendations will allow Elmarie to continue her journey in the comfort of her home and start making those areas of concern a thing of the past!

Elmarie’s Recommended Products

ZO Rozatrol:

The Rozatrol serum contains an advanced amino acid complex to restore the skin to a more radiant appearance. It provides mild exfoliation to help smooth skin texture and even skin tone. Antioxidant protection helps minimize appearance and feel of inflammation and damage induced by daily oxidative stress. Another benefit of Rozatrol is that it will help replenish hydration and support healthy skin barrier function. 

Main Ingredients:

Lactose + Milk Protein + Brassica Oleracea Italica Extract Farnesyl Acetate +Farnesol + Panthenyl Triacetate + Papain + ZO-RRS2®Glycerin.

Directions For Use:

Simply apply the product to clean, dry skin.

Mesoestetic Anti-Stress Face Mask:

Strong decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin. Also has a repairing and calming effect to combat inflammation, redness, dehydration and swelling, restoring healthy looking skin.

Main Ingredients:

Aloe Vera + Calendula Extract + Chamomile Extract

Directions For Use:

Apply a thick, even layer after cleansing. Leave to act for 15min and remove with luke warm water.

Mesoestetic Brightening Peel Booster:

This product limits melanogenic activity, reducing the appearance of existing pigmentation and minimising the formation of future dark spots. A combination of glycolic acid and phytic acid, cell renewal is stimulated to smooth skin texture and refine enlarged pores. The skin’s natural ability to retain moisture is boosted, maintaining optimum hydration levels. The renewing effect restores and evens skin tone and gives it a healthy, radiant glow.

Main Ingredients:

Glycolic Acid + Phytic Acid + Centalla Asiatica

Directions For Use:

Apply 2-3 pumps at night only to a clean, dry skin

The team at Dr Nerina Wilkinson & Associates have been working hard to assist their clients in creating the optimal skincare regime at home. If you are thinking of stocking up on all of your favourites, you’ll be glad to know that they are now able to offer deliveries of all your skincare favourites HERE.  Needless to say Elmarie was absolutely elated to start her elevated at home skincare treatment plan. Keep your eyes peeled for Part 4 of Elmarie’s wedding skin journey!

Beatha Desai

Beatha Desai - Author

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