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As a recently-married individual, it is natural to, in hindsight, wish you had done a few things differently before or on your special day.  Mine was most definitely the ever-avoided and feared, BUDGETING. 

You would think that by both my husband and I having finance-industry backgrounds that we would have had our wedding budget and planning waxed, however it was the complete opposite. This was primarily due to the fact that we had absolutely no idea what wedding-related things cost and we just accepted the first quote we received. The excitement and nerves completely took over. 

Budget conversations are sometimes uncomfortable but they absolutely do not need to be. As long as you are transparent with your partner and plan well in advance. Here are a few budgeting tips as well as an extremely useful budgeting template I put together, taking into consideration everything I learnt while planning my wedding. From a bride, to a bride: 

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As weird as it might sound, it is important that you have open discussions with your partner when it comes to your budget, wants, needs and expectations before you even start putting things down on paper. This will allow a much better flow of planning especially if you are using a wedding planner. 


I had a full year to plan my wedding but only actively planned for about 6 months. This added so much unnecessary pressure. This also meant I never took the time to research special offers, discounts or gather quotes from enough vendors. Take time to analyse your budget and shift certain allocations around if need be. Giving yourself enough time will most certainly allow you to maximise your budget by doing enough research. 


I would recommend getting 2 or 3 quotes for each of your wedding element categories, especially those which require a larger budget but are not completely specific to a certain service provider. Examples of these categories would be flowers, catering and decor. Elements such as your dress and photographer could be tricker as most individuals choose these suppliers based on very specific preferences or look and feel. 


Spreadsheets are definitely your best friend while planning. It is incredibly important to keep track of your budget as it is super easy to get lost in-between all the quotes, discussions with your partner and the actual payment of vendors. I have put together a useful and adaptable document for you to use while keeping track of the financial elements of your wedding. 


This was mentioned in a previous financial article by Pierre van der Merwe and I feel that it incredibly important to place emphasis on this topic. Every person has different ideas of what is most important to them in order to have a memorable wedding. For me it was great food, funky music and my dresses. The rest did not phase to me too much. Understanding what was most important to my partner and I made allocating money to different elements much easier. This is a conversation that should happen before you even book your venue. If you understand what is most important to you it will greatly help with choosing your venue- some venues might even include many of the aspects that you need and want at no additional charge. 


Guilty as charged. We most definitely used too many suppliers. The biggest issue arises when it came to delivery costs. One of my delivery fee’s was R1800.00 and I could have sourced very similar items from one of my other suppliers and saved dramatically on delivery fees. The more items you source from one vendor or supplier the easier it will be on your pocket. Simultaneously, it is alleviates tons of stress on your wedding day knowing that you only need to worry about 2 or 3 suppliers delivering instead of 6, like me. 


Need a little kickstart to getting your wedding budget under control? CLICK HERE for our easy to edit wedding budget template. Download, populate with your unique information, edit the fields and let’s get that wedding budget nailed. You’re welcome love birds!

Chanel Van Der Merwe

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