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Nov 23, 2020

The Best Marriage Advice



‘Tis the season for love and after a rather tumultuous 2020 we are eager to celebrate love more than ever. After the success of our previous article, “The Best Wedding Advice”, the ladies behind SA Weddings share their must have, need-to-know wedding advice. Whether you’ve just said “I do” or have been married for quite some time, the advice is bound to tug at the heart strings and even let out a giggle or two! Keep reading to see what our top tips are brides and grooms-to-be.


Our director extraordinaire, Kath and Craig sure are a working example of what makes a marriage work and last! With a glorious 22 years under their belts, these two lovebirds sure do make marriage look easy. 

“My advice to you after 22 years of marriage is, don’t sweat the small stuff, laugh! Build each other up don’t put each other down. Never try and mould your partner to being who you want them to be, rather grow together and value your qualities as it makes life interesting. Give each other space, keep a degree of independence. It is important to have your own interests, no need to live in each others pockets, this is very healthy for your relationship. Sometimes one of you might not be as strong as the other, it is so important in these circumstances to build and support each other through these tough times, it definitely helps you come out on the other side stronger as a couple. The lockdown made me realise how strong our marriage really is. I really enjoyed the time we had as a family, not sure if we will ever have that again. Being together 24/7 was fun, we made the most of it! We did things that we never have time to do together as a family eg; played games, built puzzles, painted furniture together, cooked as a family, partied as a family, cried as a family and bonded as a family. Life was real!

I know that I can definitely do another 50 years with my husband, he is one in a million! *Cue the tears! Building a life together must be fun, tough, challenging, exhilarating! Never be complacent and never take one another for granted! Love, trust and respect is key!”


Dan is the official voice of the business and often the person in the office you speak to most often! A multi talented individual, Dan and Kyle have an incredible 7 years behind them. Take a peek at their best wedding advice for the bridal couple!

“Kyle and I have been married for 7 years now and spending time together is definitely our love-language. Buying gifts for your partner isn’t always the trick and sometimes the smallest of gestures can go much further! We have 2 young daughters and often find ourselves consumed with them; that simply going for a walk together and holding each other’s hand is priceless. Watching a movie together or getting brunch on our own is so special and something we both look forward to. Short and sweet, Dan and Kyle just know how to make beautiful memories.”


The newest member to our office, Chanel is recently married to the love of her life Pierre. Just shy of 1 blissful year, these two love birds share their best advice for that first glorious year of marriage. 

“Pierre and I have always kept kindness at the centre of our relationship. I have been blessed with the gentlest soul as my husband and he has truly taught me that by remaining kind to one another, no matter how tough or frustrating the situation, all the other fundamentals of a healthy relationship are sure to follow. 

With kindness comes respect and gratitude, and being grateful and cognisant of your partner and their actions goes a long way. Naturally, it is so easy to start overlooking one another’s efforts and thoughtful actions, we become used to it I suppose. Pierre and I always try to be incredibly appreciative of the small things, even if it’s just making dinner or tidying our home. Maintain the magic; your partner should be your number one supporter, your biggest fan and deepest love.” 


“Hey lovely ladies! Zoë here. I am the Social Media Coordinator of SA Weddings and also hold the title of the only single lady in the office. The single life has its ups and downs, especially on those cold winter days when you’re snuggled up in a blanket and have to make yourself a cup of tea, but it is also *chefs kiss*. The best advice I can give, and I’m sure all you taken queens can agree, that it is impossible to love someone else if you’re not head over heels for that person staring back at you in the mirror.

So, to all my fellow singles, make sure to treat yourself like you would your hypothetical hubby, buy yourself those Valentines Day chocolates (we probably need them more anyway), take yourself on a movie date and dabble with a bit of gift giving here and there. Enjoy your company over anyone else’s!” 


Beatha is our Creative Director and works alongside Kath to run our ever bustling content team! Two years into a blissful marriage, Beatha shares her must have wedding advice for the newlyweds!

“Both my husband and I are creatives by profession and we find it so important to nurture our shared creative hobbies and in turn spend time together. We both live very fast paced lives and we find it so important to make the time we spend together intentional. A weekly date night is a must, and is something that we have continued doing throughout our 10 year relationship! Reminding one another why we fell in love and spending time learning, growing and appreciating our journey makes our beautiful marriage nothing short of magical. My husband has coined the phrase, “love rules supreme” and it is something we live by religiously. Love is so powerful people, enjoy it in all of its splendour.” 

And there you have it lovers! May the remainder of 2020 be AMAZNG! To a lifetime of love, happiness and SA Weddings helping you plan your dream wedding day!

Beatha Desai

Beatha Desai - Author

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