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Nov 12, 2020

Small-Scale Wedding Ceremonies



Not every couple imagines an elaborate wedding day with hundreds of guests surrounding them as they say, “I do.” Big weddings often come with a lot of planning, stress and expenses, and some couples prefer to focus solely on love. Aside from logistical benefits, smaller ceremonies are becoming more popular because the COVID-19 pandemic has made social distancing a priority.

There are various ways to scale down your wedding plans and keep the magic alive. Depending on the number of guests you want to invite to your big day, you can opt for a micro wedding, a minimony, or an elopement.


If you want your wedding to resemble a traditional wedding, then a micro wedding might be a great choice. Micro weddings come complete with a ceremony, a cocktail hour and a reception; however, they should be limited to 50 guests or fewer.

Many couples are choosing micro weddings during the pandemic if their original plan was to have a traditional wedding. This option allows couples to reinvent their day by shortening their guest list but preserving the traditions and memories of their initial blueprint. If you’re saying YES to a Level 1 Micro Wedding, have a look at our easy to follow guide on Level 1 weddings HERE!


If you want an intimate ceremony shared with your partner and your closest family and friends, then a minimony may be the best option for your wedding. A minimony is a small gathering with up to 15 guests, including the officiant and a photographer. 

Minimonies work well during the pandemic, because everyone attending the event can feel safe as they watch you tie the knot. These ceremonies often feel special to everyone involved and can be followed by a small reception or a sequel wedding. Keen to see some real life inspo? Check out Katinka and Braam’s dreamy minimony celebration HERE!

Photographer/videographer duo: The Geldenhuyses’ 


A sequel wedding is a larger celebration that honours a newlywed couple. Sequel weddings can occur after a minimony or an elopement if you prefer an intimate ceremony. 

Sequel weddings provide the best of both worlds. You get to feel special on your wedding day without the stress of planning but you also get to throw a party with your friends at a later date of your choosing.

Beautiful images from Thoki & Nate’s wedding HERE!


If you believe your wedding should be about you, your partner and the commitment you’re making to one another, then an elopement may be a great alternative. Elopements can be magical in their own way and should involve an officiant and a witness. To remember the moment for years to come, you’ll also want to include a photographer. 

The cliché elopement stories on television involve a quick run to the courthouse, but planning out your elopement can make for a special and intimate day. You can also follow your elopement with a sequel wedding to celebrate with friends and family. 

There are many reasons why a small-scale wedding celebration may be worth considering. With the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling is difficult and our health is more important than ever. The virus also makes us realize that time is precious and love should be cherished. You don’t have to postpone your wedding day when you can create magic amid these dark times.


If you’re looking for a way to celebrate while social distancing or you just want an intimate celebration, use this flowchart to help you decide which ceremony is best for you. You’re welcome love birds!

Hayley Lyles

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