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Mar 12, 2020

Bedroom Basics


Kath is back and this time she shares her best advice on the must haves for your bedroom. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, it is place where you find calm and relaxation after hard days work. Needless to say, it is of vital importance to make sure your boudoir is filled with the correct basics to ensure you receive a calming and chilled energy when entering. 

One thing we like to stand for is quality, this gives longevity and makes sense in the long run. Buy less but good quality and then slowly build onto that. You simply cannot go wrong with Granny Goose, Linen House, White House Linen, Miss Lyn and Mungo! Ladies and gentleman, a good quality bed is everything. A great bed is an investment and we recommend purchasing the best bed and mattress you can afford. Is there anything better than climbing into your bed after a long day and having a good nights rest? The same goes for the linen that you buy for your bed. Comfort and feel is everything, this adds to that good nights sleep! We recommend all white and then add colour with your accessories e.g. scatter cushions, throws.


  • Bed set night frill
  • Headboard, this can really add style to your bed set
  • 2 to 3 Sets of linen to start with
  • 3 fitted sheets, at least 200 thread count but even better would be 300 thread count or even Egyptian cotton
  • 2 Flat sheets, keeping your thread count in mind, flat sheets also save having to clean your duvet cover every week, rather change your flat sheet more often and your fitted sheet
  • 2 King size pillows, comfort and support is everything
  • 4 King size pillow cases, remember thread count
  • 4 Standard pillows, comfort and support
  • 8 Pillow cases
  • Scatter cushions, this is where you can bring in colour
  • Throw for the end of your bed – you can also add colour to your bed with this
  • Full length mirror
  • Dresser chest of drawers
  • Hangers
  • Bed side tables
  • Bed side lamps/reading lights
  • Fan
  • Alarm clock
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Plugs
  • Make-up mirror
  • Hair dryer
  • Mattress Protector
  • All weather duvet inner
How dreamy does this bedroom look?


  • Comfortable chair in your room, if you have space
  • Ottoman
  • A rug
  • Cosmetic organisers
  • Drawer organisers
  • Draw liners
  • Plants Candles
  • Water Pitcher
  • Photo frames
  • Storage boxes or baskets
  • Shoe organiser
  • Room freshener
  • Linen freshener

There you have it ladies and gentleman, with this bedroom basics list your boudoir will be up to date in no time. Comment below if you have some must have items to add to the list! 

Katherine Ballantyne

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