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Top 5 Post-Wedding Things You Must Do

As you prep and plan in the months leading up to your wedding, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the big day and honeymoon. But what happens after? Most couples feel like they just want to relax after these life changing events and sometimes the post wedding admin becomes an afterthought. Fear not, we have compiled a list of our top 5 must do items post wedding.


Thank You Cards

It is considered great etiquette practice to formally thank your guests for their attendance on your special day. We would recommend sending these out as soon as possible. Your wedding stationer will be able to create a beautiful digital or print card that you can send to your guests. Aim to have this done at-least 2 months after your wedding day whilst your beautiful event is still fresh in your guests minds. Add the ultimate personal touch by personalising your cards and writing special thoughts and notes to your nearest and dearest.

Clear outstanding wedding debt

Hopefully you won't have any at this point but if you do, ensure that all of your wedding service providers have been paid and tipped accordingly. Our best advice would be to work through your wedding file and make sure that there are proof of payments next to each invoice. That way, you'll be able to keep track of your spending and ensure no one gets left behind. No one likes to ask for money so make sure your wedding vendors don't have too.

Have your dress professionally cleaned

You'll be quite surprised at how dirty a wedding dress becomes on the day and it is of paramount importance to ensure that your bridal gown is cleaned properly and with the utmost care. Your gorgeous wedding gown deserves love post wedding too. If you are planning to resell your dress, ensure you arrange with a professional dry cleaner and/or bridal studio to have your dress collected and cleaned within the week of your wedding. Stains will become more stubborn the longer you leave them. As bridal gowns are made of delicate materials, you cannot use an abrasive cleaner to remove stubborn marks. Whether you plan to resell or preserve, ensure it looks exactly how it did before your big day.

Promote your vendors

Yes you read correctly - we live in a digital age and leaving an amazing review and social share goes a lot further than you think. If you were really happy with your service providers, take some to share an image and glowing review online. Prospective brides will appreciate your honest feedback and the service provider will appreciate your kind words and thoughtful gesture. Remember to tag your vendor in the post or review.

Create beautiful wedding albums

There is nothing more special than going through your wedding images and reliving that special day over and over again. If you have opted for a photographers package without the wedding album, grab your partner and create a beautiful wedding photo album that you can cherish forever. You can print multiple copies and gift them to your parents and grand parents as a special token of love and thanks from your wedding day. Better yet, they make for gorgeous coffee table books which you can browse through at any time.

With these handy tips, your post wedding to-do's will be ticked off in no time and you can enjoy the start of your new life together stress free and fabulous.